Avensin® Granular 20

Avensin Granular 20 is an anticoccidial premix for broiler chickens, containing monensin. Avensin enables broilers to reach market weight faster with reduced losses from coccidiosis. This means more efficient and profitable production.

• Broad anticoccidial coverage against the six major Eimeria species, including E. acervulina, E. tenella, E. maxima, E. Brunetti, E. necatrix, and E. mivati in broiler chickens. Coccidia are destroyed rather than inhibited.
• Acts early in the coccidial life cycle: it destroys sporozoites, trophozoites and early developing schizonts before birds suffer damage.
• Excellent “efficacy margin”: the recommended dose level provides a high level of protection through temporary periods of low feed intake caused by disease or climate.
• One day withdrawal period
• Good feed mixability

Mixing Directions:
Avensin medication must be thoroughly mixed in the feed to assure even distribution. Thoroughly mix 500-600 g (0.5-0.6 kg) of Avensin Granular 20 per metric ton (1,000 kg) of complete feed, to provide 100-120 ppm monensin in the finished feed. Use continuously in the rations for broiler chickens.

Storage conditions:
Store in a cool, dry place at temperatures between 15°C and 30°C.