COCCISTOP ( Dicoquinate 6%)


Decoquinate is a chemically synthesized 4-hydroxyquinolone and has primary static efect on sporozoites and a secondary cidal efect on early schizonts. Decoquinate acts by arresting the development of sporozoites following their penetration of the gut epithelium. Anticoccidial activity of Decoquinate depends on disruption of electron transport in cytochrome system of mitochondria in coccidia while it may also block DNA synthesis by inhibiting DNA gyrase enzyme. Decoquinate is only absorbed to a small extent from the gastrointestinal tract of chicken, and once absorbed, is rapidly cleared from blood and tissues via bile and to a much lesser extent in urine.


  • Prevents coccidiosis by arresting development of coccidia in early stage of life cycle
  • Primary static effect on sporozoites and cidal efect on schizonts
  • A chemical anticoccidial with zero withdrawal period ensures clean up effectively until end of a flock cycle
  • Ideally fts into any stages of shuttle & rotational program
  • Invariably improves growth performance parameters like BWG & FCR

To counteract resistance and maintain efficacy, t is necessary to preserve chemical anti-coccidial by rotation and using them in not more than two flocks per year.