Exclusive formulation:

AVIAX® PLUS contains Semduramicin at 3% and Nicarbazin at 8%. It is a unique combination developed by Phibro Animal Health Corporation to satisfy the market's demand for a new and more efficient anticoccidial. 

Indications for use:
AVIAX® PLUS is to be used in the prevention coccidiosis in chickens for fattening

Directions of use:
Add AVIAX® PLUS to feed for fattening from the from the first day of life.

It can be used in the shuttle or straight programs. 

Adjust the inclusion level according to the challenge of coccidiosis.

Refer to the local representative for correct use and programs. 

AVIAX® PLUS in 1000KG of Feed


AviaxPlus in 1000 kg feed


Active ingredient in the feed (ppm)


500 grams

550 grams

600 grams

Nicarbazin 40 ppm + Semduramicin 15 ppm

Nicarbazin 44 ppm + Semduramicin 16.5 ppm

Nicarbazin 48 ppm + Semduramicin 18 ppm


 To help achieve uniform dispersion in feed the required quantity of AVIAX® PLUS should be mixed with five to ten times its own weight of feed or feed ingredients before being mixed in the final feed.