Bredol 683

Bredol 683 is the key to succeed in producing a homogeneous mixture of liquid

The Bredol concept allows greater flexibility in choice of liquids and dry raw materials without problems in production. It leads to higher throughput with less resistance and energy consumption. Pellets of consistent quality with stable moisture levels are produced.
A key to success is the ability to produce a homogeneous mixture of liquid components with the
help of Bredol product’s powerful emulsifying properties.


The use of liquid components becomes easier with Bredol emulsifier. Fat and water and other ingredients form a fine mix which will be evenly distributed and absorbed in the meal leading to smoother production. High viscosity products like molasses or glycerol become more manageable. Micro ingredients become better dispersed or dissolved and better utilised, pigments being one example. In practice, the addition can be achieved through online mixing or via a tank with homogeniser.