Hepatron® 85 %

What is Hepatron® 85 %?
The functional component of the productHepatron® 85 % is betaine. Betaine or trimethylglycine
is a methylated derivative of glycine; a bipolar molecule
with three methyl groups.
Hepatron® 85 % is the optimized combination of two different betaine sources:

  1. Betaine hydrochloride - To fulfil the important function as methyl group donor.
  2. Betaine anhydrous - Also for covering the functions a methyl group donor. Additionally, it is able to offer highly effective physiological benefits due to its osmoregulatory effects.

Hepatron® 85 % combines these different sources in the 
best way, for optimal nutritional and economic advantages in animal production.

Function 1: Methyl group donor
The methyl groups of betaine are removable and thereby
Hepatron® 85 % is able to work as a methyl group donor.
The donation of methyl groups is important for proper
liver function, cellular replication, and detoxification
reactions. It also plays a role in the production of carnitine
and kidney protection.
As a methyl group donor, betaine is more efficient
than choline chloride.
Applying Hepatron® 85 %, the addition of choline
chloride becomes unnecessary provided that the
ingredients supply sufficient endogenous choline to
meet the animals´s requirements.
Individual Hepatron® 85 % inclusion rates can be
calculated, depending on customer´s diets.
Function 2: Osmoregulation
Betaine accumulates in the cells, stabilizes the water
balance and protects the intestinal cells against


upport of intestinal stability and functionality:

  • Healthy intestinal mucosa
  • Optimum nutrient intake
  • Supporting coccidiostats´effect
  • Drier litter

Positive influence on the carcass:

  • Increased breast meat and less abdominal fat contents
  • Decreased drip losses

Less energy requirement for maintaining cell metabolism:

  • More energy can be used for extra growth

Recommended dosage

Methyl function:

110 - 300 g Hepatron® 85 % / to final feed
Osmolyte function:
> 1,100 g Hepatron® 85 % / to final feed
Storage stability
24 months after manufacturing date, if stored in a dry and
cool place in original packaging. This product is waterattracting
and must
be stored
in unopened bags.