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  • Efficient and long-lasting ng protection on of feeds against moulds
  • Even distribution of acids for high palatability of the whole stock

= higher feed intake

= improved performance

  • Safe handling - acids are encased in micro-granulates


B.I.O.Mould® is a ready to use preparation made of

propionic acid and formic acid to preserve grains, ground

grains and compound feeds.

B.I.O.Mould® is safe and cost-efficient as its application

makes the costly drying process of grains unnecessary.

The temporary storage which is normally necessary for

grains directly after harvest is no longer required and the

grains can immediately be used in feed.

B.I.O.Mould® is produced according to an especial

process. The active ingredients are held in micro-granules

like in a sponge and are slowly released into the feed. As

the acids are in the core of the micro-granule, and not

on the surface like in other preparations, direct contact

of acids and skin of the user is reduced. This makes

B.I.O.Mould® safe to handle.

The carrier material vermiculite releases the acids in form

of gas, resulting in an equal distribution of acidic vapours

in the product and high efficiency against moulds.

B.I.O.Mould® steadily releases the acids during the

entire storage period and therefore offers safe and longlasting

protection against a renewed attack of mould.

The combination of propionic acid and formic acid has a

positive influence on the palatability of the feed, resulting

in an increased feed intake and value.


Package size

25 kg bag