Triple P®

  •  Support of beneficial gut flora
  • Improved nutrient digestibility
  • Stimulation of immune system


Modern animal production is facing a number of challenges affecting animal welfare, product quality, environment and economy. Producers and consumers have common interest in solving these challenges.

Pro- and prebiotic feed additives with scientifically proven efficacy and documented stability can provide reliable solutions to maintain gastrointestinal integrity and thereby improve animal production.

Triple P® is an optimized combination of a Bacillus basedprobiotic (Bacillus (B.) licheniformis DSM 5749 and  B. subtilis DSM 5750) and a special prebiotic, extracted from the cell wall of the baker´s yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

Mode of action

The probiotic microorganisms in Triple P® produce high amounts of enzymes in the gastro-intestinal tract. The increased excretion of proteases, amylases and lipases results in improved digestibility and availability of nutrients. Due to the better protein digestibility the metabolism of the monogastric animal is relieved and ammonia emissions can be reduced. B. licheniformis and B. subtilis modulate the microbiota in such a way that the proportion of animal own lactic acid bacteria is increased and the proportion of harmful bacteria is decreased.

Moreover, nutrient absorption can be enhanced due to an increased villi height. The prebiotic in Triple P® provides a high content of mannan-oligosaccharides (MOS) and ß-glucans. MOS are indigestible carbohydrates which have regulatory effects on the animal’s gut flora. Due to the large surface of the small particles pathogens can be bound effectively. Thus, the colonization of pathogens on the gut wall is prevented. The stimulation of the unspecific immune system is particularly attributable to ß-glucans.


Effect on animal performance

The effects of B. licheniformis and B. subtilis on animal performance have been tested in university studies and under commercial conditions showing significant results with a high consistency. In combination with the prebiotic components gut function is enhanced in an optimal way resulting in improved animal welfare and higher performances.

Special advantages of Triple P®

Triple P® provides the benefits of probiotic and prebiotic feed additives.

In addition to improving nutrient digestibility, maintaining the intestinal microflora balance and stimulating the immune system, Triple P® has all the characteristics foran effective in-feed synbiotic:

Triple P® is thermo tolerant and survives standard pelletizing conditions.

Triple P® is fully compatible with all other feed additives, such as coccidiostats or acids.

Recommended dosage

Calves (up to 3 months), turkeys for fattening:

Triple P® 500          0.5 kg / t final feed

Storage stability

24 months after manufacturing date, when stored in original packaging under dry and cool conditions.