The MASTI-TEST is a simple indicator of the Somatic Cell Count (SCC) of milk. It work by using a reagent which disrupts the cell membrane of somatic cells present in the milksample; the DNA in those cells to reacting with the test reagent. It is a simple but very usefultechnique for detecting subclinical mastitis on-farm, providing an immediate result and canbe used by any member of farm staff. It is not a replacement for individual laboratory cell count sampling, but has several important uses.

Composition: (per 1 Liter)  

Sodium hydroxide:  900mg
Bromocresol purple:  15mg
Purified water qs to:  1,000 cc

Application Direction:
Apply MASTI-TEST solution in the same volume in milk.
Observe the color from light purple to dark purple for indicating of mastitis.
Observe the increasing viscosity of mixed solution of MASTI-TEST and milk for
indicating of mastitis.

Storage : Store in the room temperature, dry place. Protect from light.

Packing: 200 ml, 500 ml, 1L.