Penergetic-t mastitis is a unique formula combiningelemental properties of beneficial herbs in addition tominerals and trace elements, being extracted incarbonate (CaCO³) as a base material.Theseingredients affect to reduce the problem of mastitis.

Composition: Calcium Carbonate(97-99.5% CaCO3 + 0.7-0.9% MgCO3 ) Ca >38%

Prophylactic: 1-2g /head/ dayAcute: 5-20g /head/ day (or 1-4 spoons/head/day, everyday)

How much does mastitis cost?

     In case one cow can produce 20 kgs milk/day and got 2 mastitis udders
            ITems                  Descriptions       USD/week
Antibiotic 4.5 usd/udder , 2 times/week 18
Milk cannot be sold 20 kg/day, 0.45 usd/kg 63
Veterinary 3 usd/time 3
labour 1 usd/cow/day 7
Total   91

Add penergetic Tmastitis to the feed (or water )at the rate 5-20g / day / cow

Recommended Application of penergetic t –mastitis and BM creamPenergetic T -mastitis can be added to the animal fodder or drinkingwater. In the case of acute problems, it is recommended to administer Penergetic-tmastitis ‚Udder Care’ orally mixed with a bottle of water (0.5 – 1 litre), and also treatthe udder externally withBM cream.The affected area of the udder should bemilked several times daily.