Bm cream

Bm cream is moisture cream for udder. It does not contain any antibiotics or any harmful chemicals. Safety for humans and dairy cows. Use bm creamfor udder care to prevent and reduce the problem ofmastitis in dairy cows.

Benefits of Penergetic T mastitis and BM Cream
1.Udder care
2.Cure Mastitis
3.No antibiotic
4.Milk can be sold during treatment
5.Reduction of Somatic cell and mastitis problem

Application :
Rub the respective udder 2 times per day after milking.

Recommended Application:
Clean (external) the respective udder and apply bm-cream at 2 times per day
after milking. The affected area of the udder should be milked several times daily.

Use Bm Cream:
rub the udder 2 times/day (morning & evening)