Animal Category: All Animal Species

Product Description: Liquid Multi-vitamin-Amino acid-Concentrate is a Well-Balanced Combination of vitamin s, minarels amino acid for short-trem supplement ntation via the drinking water.

activition is especially indicated for the prevention of hyfo-vitaminosis minaral and amino acid deficiencies in case of vaccination, subclinical diseases, change of feed composition and other strees involving coditions.

Dosage:200-1000ml/ 1000 liters of drinkinf water.Repition as required.


Application: Activition as well miscible in water. shake well bef ore application. To ensure complete dissolution dis solve 100ml in min. 100 litres water and fill up to the required quantity of drinking water. do not use it pure from.

Dosage recommendations shall be observed.

Composition: propylene glycol, sodium bicarbonaet.