Controlling Coccidiosis InCommercial Broilers Production
Aviax Plus: When Tradition Meets InnovationA New Weapon
To Manage Coccidiosis In Broilers

Provet Resourcesl Ltd and Phibro Animal Health Corporation combinedly arrenged a technical seminar and Lauching Programe of AviaxPlus for the first time in Bangladesh on the 7th August 2017at the LE MERIDIEN DHAKA -Sky Ballroom.

In the seminar the opening remarks was presented by Dr. Md. AynulHaque, DirectorGeneral, Department of Livestock Services followed by Mr. David Macdonald, Managing Director - PAHC South East Asia. The technical discussion on the subject was presented By Dr. Enrico Boselli, Director, Global Marketing - PAHC U.S.A. Finally the vote of thanks was deliverded by Dr. Shamim Ahmed, Director, Operation - Provet Resources Ltd.

The Honorable Chairman Md. Mahbubur Ramanh, Honorable Managing Director Md. Sabir Hossanin was also present at the launching program. The leading poultry feed company owners of of the country and also Govement and Nongovernment high officials was also present among the guest. Besides guest from various countries feed additive representetives was attending the seminar.